Welcome to the ROUND TWO FAMILY!

Dennis, his wife Adele, children Elaine and Sam,

are ecstatic to bring you our latest creation,



Our mission is to produce unique, hand-made wines of the highest quality. We strive to make wines that are enjoyable for every occasion; wines that are “twice as good for half the price.” We let the wines speak for themselves. We are not bound by a formula, and always honor the fruit for what it is. Round Two wines should be approachable, and never pretentious. Now more than ever, we are excited to be hands-on in an effort to share our passion, and make many friends along the way!

We are a small-production, family-run vineyard and wine business. When we say “Family Run”, we mean it! This is a job for eight to twenty people; well, we have four, so, we just show up for each other every day and do our best for our labor-of-love! When we say “Small Lot”, we mean it! Seldom do we produce more than 150 cases of a given wine. We put our efforts into tending the vines and carefully crafting our wines rather than waste resources on expense-for-pretense. Our hope is when the cork comes out; the truth comes out, for all our customers, friends and family.



Dennis Johns has been growing and making wines in the Napa Valley for over 40 years, starting in the ‘70s. Dennis and Adele graduated St. Helena high school and were married a few years later. After working for Sterling Vineyards and 20 years at St. Clement Winery, the Johns family started their own adventure with White Cottage Ranch Vineyard in 1989, and Winery in 2004. At this time, Elaine jumped on board (and on the forklift!) taking on cellar and assistant winemaker duties after graduating from Cal Poly.

Then, in 2009 the family began developing Red Lake Ranch Vineyard, right around the corner from White Cottage. Sam joined the team in 2012 as Dennis’s right hand man using his experience from the high paced restaurant business, for everything from sales and marketing, to head chef for events, and of course helping Dennis make the wine. If you count all Dennis’s primary label and custom crush projects over the years, the latest venture is really more like “Round Two-hundred” for the seasoned winemaker and the family of course, backing his every move.


Present day

The family is currently tending a new vineyard property just around the corner from the old White Cottage Ranch and a few miles from Red Lake. As the new vineyard matures, we are sourcing fruit and making wines from all throughout the region, as we have since the days of White Cottage, with help from Dennis’s long-standing relationships with favored and experienced local growers. The new vineyard continues the heritage we have been cultivating here on Howell Mountain for the last three decades.